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A smile is CONFIDENT, ARTISTIC, and UNIQUE to each individual and one that deserves the eye of a SPECIALIST.
We understand the importance of your SMILE and want you to have the personalized attention of ONE doctor that exceeds your expectations.

Orthodontics is more than straight teeth

We love our experience at your office. Meredith's teeth are beautiful. We are so pleased with the results. 
Quincy’s experience at Lazzara orthodontics was comfortable, educational, and fun! He looked forward to each appointment and was  encouraged to independently take care of his braces. The results are phenomenal! 
Everyone at the office has been so kind and patient with us through the process, and the office itself is very welcoming. I especially love the little kid's area! My younger son begs to go with us for his sister's appointments. 
Besides being friendly and helpful, you can expect individual attention and professionalism from Dr. Lazzara and the entire staff at Kaufman & Lazzara Orthodontics. Emma was excited to get her braces on and was thrilled with her results. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Lazzara Smiles is a fantastic orthodontic business with phenomenal staff members that know the patients well. We are very happy with the results of the treatments!